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Bangtail FAQs

Yes. An average test circulation for bangtails is 500,000, or full file, whichever is smaller.

No. Bangtail sizes and formats vary by statement issuer. Echo Media provides detailed specifications and templates for bangtails once space reservations are confirmed.

Advertisers have three choices: they can print and deliver the bangtail envelopes to specifications using their own printer; they can have Echo Media print the envelope; or in a limited number of instances, the issuer will print the bangtails and bill the advertiser. In any of these three cases, the advertiser is responsible for the cost of this production.
No. The advertiser will also be required to pay a distribution fee.
In general, bangtails are due two to three weeks prior to the statement mail date.
90 days is a comfortable lead time for booking bangtails, although remnant bangtails can be booked as late as one month out, assuming production schedules and delivery deadlines can be met.
No, but there are files that have geographic concentrations.
Advertisers should allow 30 days for submission of a PDF to get final approval.
Bangtails are an excellent fit for product sales in the $10 to $50 range.

Yes. Echo Media can print any format of statement advertising.

Yes. With the prior agreement of the issuer, multiple products or ads can be tested in the same bangtail run.