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Catalog Insert FAQs

The general, the standard size for a catalog insert is a multi-panel piece, folded to 3.5" x 6", printed on 45# stock and weighs less than 0.1 oz.
Pieces have to be small because they are blown into the catalogs before the pages are trimmed. If pieces were nearly the size of the catalog, they would risk getting cut off by the trimming machines if they were not inserted perfectly into the catalog.
Companies do not always send each catalog to every customer. Depending on the theme of the catalog, companies might send it to a more targeted portion of their customer file.
With limited exceptions, geographic selection is not an option.
A house file is a catalog company's list of current, active customers.
A prospect file is a list of qualified prospects that a catalog company believes will be likely to order from their catalog.
No. Typically, a house file is going to perform much more strongly than a prospect file because a house file is made up of people who have responded positively to the company before. People in a prospect file have no prior history with the company mailing the catalog and might not even open the catalog to find out what is inside before throwing it away.
Yes, most files can accept inserts only into the house file. Please note that before booking any catalog insert order, the caveat should be noted to insert into house file only.
The average catalog insert program contains one to two advertisers in a catalog. This limited availability means that there is no clutter in the catalog and the advertiser's insert stands out to the customer.
Catalogs usually require pieces to be delivered to the insertion facility about three weeks before their mail date. They will not hold up production for an advertiser's pieces, so it is good practice to schedule delivery of the pieces to arrive a day or two before the material due date.