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Co-op Envelopes FAQs

Co-op is short for cooperative. In the case of co-op envelopes, this simply means that advertisers are mailing in a cooperative environment, or that multiple advertisers are mailing together.
On average, there are about 15-25 inserts per envelope. This depends on the size, paper stock and weight of each insert.
Specific types of co-op mailings include coupons assembled from a group of local merchants or direct response advertisers. Some local merchants can include: dry cleaners, carpet cleaners, oil change service centers and restaurants. Co-op envelop programs are usually sold on a local level by neighborhood franchisees or on a national level directly by the program manager.
Many envelopes allow an advertiser to select by geography. The selected areas must have availability and be pre-selected. Many local retailers use this to target regions around their stores that work best for them.
No. Although name list mailings are common in the co-op envelope category, many programs saturate ZIP codes, retail trade areas or zones.
Yes. Most name list mailers will disclose their list source upon request.
Some do and some do not. Many name list programs, particularly those to new mothers and new movers, are mailed to a fresh name list every month.
Yes, 500,000 pieces is a valid test quantity. The danger in running less than 500,000 circulation is that test results can be skewed too heavily by geographic concentration of distributions.
No, but there are several standard sizes. The two most common sizes of co-op envelope are #10 and 6 x 9. There are other envelope sizes that are less commonly used: 3.75 x 8 and 5 x 8.
For the #10 envelope, the optimum size is 8.5 x 3.5. Lighter paper weight is usually used with this envelope, in general, 45# gloss stock. The standard weight is .05 oz. For the 6 x 9 envelope, the optimum specifications are 5 x 8. The paper weight is normally 45# with an allowable weight of up to .10 oz. 6 x 9 envelopes can also accommodate CD-ROMs. For the 3.75 x 8 envelope, the standard size is 3 x 7 on a 45# paper stock. Pieces weigh .05 oz. For the 5 x 8 envelope, the standard size is 3 x 7 on a 45# paper stock. Pieces weigh .05 oz. For all envelope sizes, single-panel, two-panel and three-panel pieces can be used in these envelopes as long as the size requirements are adhered too.
Yes, but we don't recommend it. Having the maximum size piece in a given envelope allows for your piece to be seen over smaller pieces from other advertisers. If a smaller piece runs, it can get lost in the envelope. On average, there are about 15-25 inserts of varying sizes in most co-op
Yes. In fact, Echo Media has regularly scheduled print runs on 45# gloss paper.
Yes. Samples of both # 10 and 6 x 9 co-op envelope inserts can be viewed on our print samples page.