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College Newspapers FAQs

Some college newspapers are not provided with long distance service, fax machines, Internet access or email, making communication very difficult with some publications. This tends to be more of an issue with smaller schools. An affidavit of distribution is likely to be the only documentation that will be available on the back end.
Publication schedules are based on the academic year (academic breaks and holidays) versus standard calendar years and holidays. The publication advisor may be a professor or faculty member who is producing the publication as a personal project or publishing only once the class has enough content to fill the paper.
No, production quality can vary widely from school to school based on budget and technology available. Advertisers need to be aware that some papers actually scan ads, which can alter the quality of artwork that has been delivered. Additionally, paper quality varies widely from college to college based on budgetary issues, and this can also cause ads to print blurry.
Yes. Please be advised that there are some publications that run very controversial stories or ads in the paper.
No. Like major market newspapers, college newspapers vary by format. Some are tabloids and some are broadsheets. A system wide ROP (Run of Press) buy would entail resizing ads to fit the dimensions of multiple formats. Format designations can be provided in advance of placing an ad.