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Fsi FAQs

A co-op FSI is a four-color, multi-page, free-standing booklet featuring coupons, refunds, sweepstakes and other promotional advertising. It is an ideal vehicle for consumer packaged goods, retail services, franchise foods and direct response print campaigns where the broadest possible reach is critical to the success of the campaign.
In co-op FSIs, a form is a group of newspapers, and in some cases, just one newspaper. Forms are always in the same region and in adjacent markets. Forms only apply to co-op FSIs that are distributed via newspapers.
A flat fee that is applied to advertisers wanting to run an on-page ad in co-op FSIs in less than a full form. This applies only to co-op FSIs that are distributed via newspapers.
A surcharge trade-out is the opportunity for the advertisers to use the dollar value of a surcharge towards advertising directly with the newspaper. Effectively, these surcharge dollars are "traded" for ad space, ensuring continued revenue for the newspaper. For so many dollars of advertising revenue, the "surcharge" will be waived.
Yes, Echo Media has a strong history of negotiating surcharge trade-outs with both ROP and insert contracts.
For on-page ads, it is recommended that at least one million circulation is tested, unless the program requires a larger minimum buy. For blow-ins, 250,000 to 500,000 pieces is an average test.
No. Although newspaper delivery is the most common distribution method for co-op FSIs, some are inserted into local coupon magazines across the U.S. and direct-mailed to homes via saturation mailing and others are distributed in retail stores.
Mostly consumer packaged goods, brand advertisers, retail services, franchise foods and direct response marketers.
For most co-op FSIs, half and full pages on various inside pages and premium pages are available, as well as full spreads (two full pages side-by-side) and a full page with a tab (an extra lip on the page).
Yes, as long as each version runs in complete forms; otherwise, a form break charge will be applied.
Co-op FSIs can accommodate various sizes of blow-ins; and usually, up to the dimensions of the co-op FSI booklet itself.
In some cases, the answer is yes. However, in most cases, the dimensions of cover positions are the same as an inside page. Half pages are not accepted on front or back covers.
To insure that an ad that contains a redeemable or mail-order coupon does not get backed up to another coupon, advertisers should create their ad with coupons placed in each of four positions - top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. If the ad has a coupon across one full side or along the entire top or bottom of the ad, then two coupon positions must be provided.
Placement and pagination becomes more difficult for ads that are submitted with only one coupon fixed position, therefore, there is an additional charge in order to have placement on a page where the coupon will not back up to another coupon.