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Fsi Production FAQs

For most co-op FSIs, half and full pages on various inside pages and premium pages are available, as well as full spreads (two full pages side-by-side) and a full page with a tab (an extra lip on the page).
Yes, as long as each version runs in complete forms; otherwise, a form break charge will be applied.
Co-op FSIs can accommodate various sizes of blow-ins; and usually, up to the dimensions of the co-op FSI booklet itself.
In some cases, the answer is yes. However, in most cases, the dimensions of cover positions are the same as an inside page. Half pages are not accepted on front or back covers.
To insure that an ad that contains a redeemable or mail-order coupon does not get backed up to another coupon, advertisers should create their ad with coupons placed in each of four positions - top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right. If the ad has a coupon across one full side or along the entire top or bottom of the ad, then two coupon positions must be provided.
Placement and pagination becomes more difficult for ads that are submitted with only one coupon fixed position, therefore, there is an additional charge in order to have placement on a page where the coupon will not back up to another coupon.