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Managed Services FAQs

Echo Media has over ten years of statement insert experience and over eight years of statement management experience, having developed many programs from concept to execution. Our comprehensive program launch strategy ensures program visibility in the marketplace through the following channels:
  • HTML E-mail launch to all active clients and prospects of Echo Media.
  • Presence on the Echo Media website, which receives over 4,500 unique visitors every month.
  • Web article on the Echo Media website highlighting the new program.
  • Presence in the appropriate Broad scale or Targeted presentation booklets used at client meetings.
  • Targeted postcard campaign to all active clients and prospects of Echo Media, in addition to targets identified by the program owner.
  • Press release to industry trade magazines.
  • Inclusion in contracted advertising space in print media trade journals.
Most exclusive contracts are negotiated for a term of one year. At the end of the one year period, contracts are extended if the program is successful and well managed.