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Pip FAQs

Most package insert programs are collated into 6x9 envelopes. A standard single-sheet insert is 5.5" x 8.5", printed on 60# stock. Two-panel inserts can be printed on glossy paper or card stock. These pieces generally fold to 3.5" x 5.5", and glossy stock is on 45#.
Package insert programs generally require for pieces to be delivered one month before the mail date because the envelopes are pre-collated at one facility and then shipped to the fulfillment center to be placed in the outgoing packages. A few programs do not pre-collate pieces, and instead, put the inserts loosely into the packages. Lead times for programs that are not pre-collated are shorter.
No, geographic selection is not an option.
Package insert programs can have anywhere from two to 12 inserts in them, but the average number of inserts is between six and eight.
Package insert programs are more expensive because they are actually enclosed within a shipment of products from the company to its customers. The packages are anticipated by the customers, and therefore, will be opened. The advertisers that have inserts inside of these packages receive the implied endorsement of the company sending out the packages - a company which the recipient trusts and has a pre-established relationship with.
Package insert program circulation numbers tend to change based on the seasonality of a product. Most companies' numbers increase in the months prior to holidays when people are ordering gifts for others. Seed companies' numbers increase in the early spring when people are ordering their seeds for planting, steak companies' numbers increase in the summer time when it is grilling season, etc.