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Ride-along FAQs

No, geographic selection is not an option.
In general, ride-alongs will accept two to four inserts, although the number can vary widely, with some ride-alongs accepting as many as 12 inserts.
PIPs are inserts enclosed with a purchase that the recipient has made and have a virtual 100% opening rate. RALs are sent from a company with which the recipient has a pre-existing relationship (it might be a membership club they have joined or a company they have previously ordered from trying to re-solicit their business). These mailings have special offers from the sponsoring company. In the case of negative option membership clubs, RALs have a virtual 100% opening rate because the customer must open them and send back information or else they will automatically receive shipments of products.
RALs generally require pieces three weeks before production, so space should be booked in advance of this.
Most ride-along programs are collated into 6x9 envelopes. The standard insert size for one of these programs is a single-sheet, 5.5" x 8.5" insert, printed on 60# stock.
This depends on the purpose of the mailing that a company sends out. If the ride-along is part of a continuity club, the company will solicit different members in different months depending on the terms of the club. If the mailing is from a company trying to re-solicit past customers, the numbers will change based on the fact that they do not mail these to the same customers every month; they mail them based on a time frame since the last time the customer ordered from the company.