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Pregnancy & Newborn

Pregnancy & Newborn is a monthly, four-color glossy magazine answering the questions that expecting moms face - from how to stay healthy to how to cope with the life & hormonal changes of pregnancy and motherhood to how to look fabulous through pregnancy and postpartum to how to manage the adjustment to caring for a newborn baby. Pregnancy & Newborn is an expecting mother's go-to resource for everything she needs to know for a healthy, happy, fabulous pregnancy.


Category:Consumer Magazines
Delivery:Self Selection/ Take-ones
Avg Circ:247,107
Frequency:12 X Year
Buy by:National
Name List Mailing:   Yes
Broadcast Mailing:   No


Average Income:$67,792
Average Age:29
Percent Female:99%
Health, Pre-Natal / New Mothers, Women, Young Family
Oversized Insert and Sample Channel