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Allure is the beauty expert of magazines, serving as the go-to guide for the essentials that define a woman's total look and well-being. With Americans spending more than $20 million every hour on beauty and fashion, there is a demand for a magazine devoted to these topics. That's why Allure devotes 100% of its editorial to a woman's total look with a focus on what matters most. Allure focuses on beauty, fashion, entertainment and health, and with a readership of more than 4.3 million women, they offer advertisers a great way to reach the trend conscious female.


Category:Consumer Magazines
Delivery:Mailed to Subscribers plus rack sales
Avg Circ:1,050,000
Frequency:12 X Year
Buy by:National
Name List Mailing:   Yes
Broadcast Mailing:   No


Average Income:$70,735
Average Age:32
Percent Female:92%
Accepts Tobacco Adverts, Beauty and Glamour, Clothing-Oriented