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Mercado Bilingue - A Hispanic Market Vehicle with a Culturally Relevant Engine 10/09/2007
Mercado Bilingue magazine is a culturally relevant source of education, information and employment opportunities delivered directly to Hispanic consumers. With a SUPERATE! (better yourself!) end in mind, Mercado Bilingue seeks to inform, inspire and educate Hispanics by integrating the best parts of the Hispanic culture and mixing it with the American dream. In three simple sections – Learn, Earn and Save – Mercado Bilingue provides valuable content that their readers need to create their own SUPERATE! success story. Every Mercado Bilingue partner helps readers achieve their SUPERATE! by providing information and content that will help them better themselves or their situation. Whether the goal is showing readers how to save time and money by flying instead of driving or improving their careers and job opportunities, partners are able to connect with readers in a way that no other 60-second radio spot or standard newspaper ROP can.
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