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One Newspaper Will Do the Job. 02/12/2008
Stars and Stripes has one of the widest distribution ranges of any newspaper in the world. In all, it provides newspapers in over 48 countries where there are U.S. bases, posts, service members, ships, or embassies. In Afghanistan, it prints in Kabul and distributes newspapers daily to Kabul, Kandahar and Bagram. Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Iraq are the major sites where Stars and Stripes operate in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Stripes’ European drivers cover more than 8,000 miles every night to deliver the paper to regional readers across Europe, as well as to airports for shipment to other countries. Stars and Stripes is a great medium to use to reach a huge military market that is not frequently reached by U.S–based marketers. Stars and Stripes is distributed worldwide to military stationed overseas, and has been in publication since the Civil War. It is often the only English-language newspaper received by them on a daily basis. Stars & Stripes boasts 387,398 readers each day worldwide. 97% of readers have Internet access.
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