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Reach African-Americans in the Indianapolis Market 02/15/2008
Indianapolis is an excellent market for advertisers looking to reach the African-American population. Currently, African-Americans represent 24.2% of the population of Marion County alone and make up the city's largest ethnic group. Indianapolis has the 16th largest African-American population in the U.S. at 207,056, according to the Indianapolis Recorder. With a strong African-American population, Indianapolis is also home to the 4th oldest surviving African-American newspaper in the nation: the Indianapolis Recorder. Established in the 1800's, the Indianapolis Recorder continues to print weekly, as it has for more than 200 years, after it began as a two-page church bulletin. As one of the top African-American publications in the United States, the Indianapolis Recorder provides an excellent vehicle for advertisers looking to target African-Americans in this market.
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