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Reach an Active Adult Community with Saddlebag Notes 02/27/2008
Saddlebag Notes publishes monthly and is distributed to 4,700 homes in the community of SaddleBrooke. Each month’s Saddlebag Notes features a wealth of news submitted by community residents and is distributed within the community by SaddleBrooke homeowners. The newspaper is a feature of living in the SaddleBrooke community that residents anticipate each month – making it an excellent way for your business to regularly connect with the community’s 7,500 residents. The SaddleBrooke active adult retirement community is home to 7,500 residents and three golf courses, with plans to add another 5,000 homes to the community in the next phase of its growth. SaddleBrooke is just 20 miles north of Downtown Tucson – a short drive away from all the shopping, driving and entertainment that Tucson has to offer. Pima County retirees are a population with time and money to spend. The age 65+ crowd is that rare group with spare time on their hands! Pima County retirees have earned the opportunity to spend time and money doing the things they love – which include a higher–than–average penchant for casino gambling and upscale dining.
  • 33% have gambled at a casino in the past year (compared with 29% of all Pima County residents)
  • 81% have been to a sit-down restaurant in the past 30 days
  • 20% have visited an upscale restaurant in the past 30 days (compared with 14% of all Pima County residents)
  • 73% have shopped at a hardware, paint, lawn or garden store in the past year
  • 43% have gardened in the past year
  • 12% have golfed in the past year
  • 34% have done volunteer work in the past year
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