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The African-American Market - Growing Steadily 04/24/2008
The current U.S. African-American population stands at 38 million and represents 12.8 percent of the total U.S. population. This population is also powerful in the marketplace, with the African-American buying power estimated at $761 billion. By 2010, that number is expected to increase to $1 trillion. Newspaper is a media vehicle that can be used effectively to target African-American consumers, allowing marketers to tap into the huge buying power of this audience. African-American newspaper readership is strong, and it increases among adults with higher household incomes, more education and longer home residency. Additionally, many communities have African-American owned and operated newspapers covering their market that allow for excellent targeting of this audience. Echo Media has built a network of over 5,000 newspapers and over 3,000 print media options, including African American newspapers nationwide. *African American daily newspaper readers Source: Scarborough Research, 2005 Release 5 (Top 50 Market Report) Prepared by NAA Business Analysis and Research Department
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