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La Voz de Austin: Another Way to Reach the Hispanic Community 07/08/2008
The La Voz Newspaper Network is a chain of bilingual publications now operating in Texas under the auspices of the Mexican American Center for Community and Economic Development. The first newspaper in this network is La Voz de Brazoria County. Created in 1990, it was published by Molly Santos in Angleton, Texas. The second publication, La Voz de Uvalde County, was started in October of 1994 in Uvalde, Texas. (It was sold in 2002 to Juan O. Sanchez, who was the Associate Editor at the time.) La Voz de Zavala County was started in 2000 in Crystal City, Texas. In Austin, Texas, there were newspapers catering to specific areas of Austin: La Voz de Dove Springs – 78744 began publication in September of 2005, La Voz de Montopolis – 78741 and La Voz de East Austin – 78702 in early 2006. In September of 2006, two more editions were added: La Voz de Riverside/Oltorf – 78741 and La Voz de South Austin – 78704. With a focus on education, employment and entrepreneurship, La Voz Newspapers are part of an ambitious community economic development effort that seeks to identify strengths and assets in the community and then leverage them into creative economic opportunities.
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