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Sierra - Defining a Lifestyle 12/09/2008
According to Sierra Magazine, environmentalism has come of age. It is no longer the cause of a dedicated few, but rather a cornerstone in the lifestyle of an enormous and still-growing group of opinion leaders. The more people understand the role the world around them plays in the quality of their lives, the larger the movement becomes. From the places people play to the food they eat, from the cars they drive to the clothes they wear, the celebration of the environment is about a way of life-a better way of life. The Sierra Club embraces and embodies that lifestyle. For over a hundred years, the readers of Sierra magazine, now more than one million strong, have actively celebrated the environment around us even as they work tirelessly to protect it. Who helps them find the products and services they choose to shape their lifestyles? Sierra Magazine is the publication its members turn to for information and guidance on the purchasing decisions around every aspect of their lives.
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