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Preservation Magazine – Delivering a High-End Readership 01/05/2009
Preservation is a trusted source of news, features and travel writing on America’s historic places. It reaches 500,000 readers with an average age of 58 and an average household income of $120,000. 95% visit historic places; 89% visit historic towns and cities; 74% visit historic homes and gardens; 64% visit historic communities and villages; and 52% visit historic parks and monuments. Preservation’s readers share an enthusiasm for authenticity. They have an advanced sensibility about the experiences and objects that complement their quest for the genuine. They insist that authenticity be central to their choice. Whether choosing a home, traveling, collecting art or investing in stocks and bonds, Preservation’s readers are guided by an interior search for essential value. They appreciate lessons learned from the past. They value the heritage of design and the skill of craftsmanship. This appreciation for what is most valued from the past is mirrored in their delight in what is most desirable in the present.
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