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The Newark Star-Ledger – Delivering Close to 1 Million Readers 01/07/2009
The Star-Ledger is the 14th largest daily and 11th largest Sunday newspaper in the United States. More importantly, it has unparalleled impact in New Jersey, being the “local” newspaper for the state. Nearly 987,000 readers keep themselves informed and see your advertising message on a daily basis. On Sunday, that readership number swells to over 1.4 million readers, more than one-third of all New Jersey Sunday newspaper readers. This readership number puts The Star-Ledger’s 861,500 readers ahead of their nearest Sunday newspaper competitor. The Star-Ledger readers are affluent, earning in aggregate, nearly $169 billion per year with an average income of $103,606 per household. They are well-educated with 60% having attended college. Over 70% of Star-Ledger readers own their own home, and if you are looking for younger readers, nearly a half-million young adults between the ages of 18 and 34 read The Star-Ledger this week.
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