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Reasons Why the Outdoor News Publications are Great to Advertise in 06/26/2009
Circulation - Outdoor News is mailed directly into the homes of avid outdoor enthusiasts who have voted with their wallet to receive the publication. The group spans seven states, including: Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and Wisconsin. Total unduplicated coverage is roughly 250,000. Coverage - Paid subscribers and newsstand distribution provide the most thorough coverage available in outdoor publishing. Pick a state or combine all seven states and compare it to other outdoor publications. These publications offer certified circulation audited by the U.S. Postal Service, which are backed up with real numbers and proven delivery. Timeliness – Their frequency provides shorter lead times, resulting in greater flexibility for advertisers. The increased frequency benefits subscribers, too. Fresh and relevant news coverage provides more thorough readership and better advertising response. Marketing and Promotion - Outdoor News promotes subscription sales by directly mailing copies of the paper to potential subscribers, distributing extra copies at trade shows, and providing promotional copies at many conservation group banquets and other events.
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