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Denver’s Hispanic Market Fact Sheet 07/02/2009
The metro Denver Hispanic population is over 645,000 making it the 14th largest Hispanic market in the Country.
  • Metro Denver is now more than 20% Hispanic, which equates to one of every five people in the market.
  • Denver’s Hispanic population is growing at more than triple the rate of the rest of the Country.
  • Denver’s Hispanic population grew 89% between 1990 and 2000 and another 30% since 2000.
  • Three of every ten newcomers are Hispanic.
  • Half of Denver’s Hispanics have lived here for less than 10 years and 44% are foreign born.
  • Denver’s Hispanic market controls $17 billion of local retail spending.
  • Denver’s Hispanics have an average household income of over $56,000, and one in five have a household income of over $75,000.
  • enver’s Hispanic market is extremely young: over half of Hispanic adults are under age 35.
  • Almost 50% of Denver Hispanics say Spanish is their dominate language or say they speak/read in Spanish and English equally.
  • Denver’s Hispanic Effective Buying Income average (EBI) of $56,640 ranks 9th among the top 20 Hispanic markets. (Source: Global Insight, The Hispanic Consumer Market)
  • Denver is the 6th fastest growing of the top 20 Hispanic markets. (Source: Nielsen Universe Estimates)
  • 6,400 Denver Latinos are planning on buying a home next year, making the Latino market a prime target market for new home sales. (Source: Denver Scarborough Report)
  • Denver Hispanics contribute over $1 billion plus in real estate investment, a market we can no longer ignore. (Source: Denver Scarborough Report.)
So how do we reach the Denver Hispanic market? The answer is Viva Colorado!
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