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Why Advertise with El Especial? 07/10/2009
This paper, published here in the U.S., keeps people directly in tune with current events in their native countries. El Especial understands the diverse needs of each nationality, thus, the editorial content is right on target…meaningful and relevant. El Especial in the northeast area has a paid circulation. You can find it at over 5,000 newsstands and supermarkets sold for 50 cents. Estimated reach is 360,000. Hispanic Population in Distribution Areas - New York and New Jersey A.D.I.: 4,000,000. El Especial Northeast Edition has a paid circulation. Distribution: New York, New Jersey. A newspaper for all Hispanics. The key appeal of El Especial’s success is its ability to reach out and bridge the gap between the different segments of its Spanish-speaking communities. Whether it is to Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, and Dominicans, or Central and South Americans, El Especial caters to the different needs of all Hispanic consumers. Source: El Especial , U.S. Census, 2000
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