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Miramar – The Air Show Annual Program Delivers the San Diego Market to Advertisers 08/04/2009
For 51 years, Miramar has hosted the world’s best Military and civilian pilots for its annual Air Show – a spectacle of skill and speed that draws close to one million people. The Miramar Air Show brings an annual economic impact of $30 million to San Diego. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar will present its Air Show in October. Miramar’s annual Twilight Air Show will be held on the Saturday evening. The Miramar Air Show offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach a market with a broad-based demographic profile. Few advertising or promotional vehicles can offer access to such a large and influential audience at such a low-cost-per-exposure in an atmosphere as dynamic, involving and memorable as that of the Miramar Air Show. Whatever your marketing objective – moving product, building recognition, enhancing or positioning brand image – air shows can help you accomplish your goals. The Miramar Air Show Annual Program offers excellent exposure. The Air Show delivers an interested and affluent, and ‘captive’ consumer group. This once-a-year program closes in August for an October distribution. If you are interested in reaching a Military audience or aviation enthusiasts, Echo Media can help.
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