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American Archaeology – Delivering Affluent Travelers through a Membership Magazine 09/22/2009
    Reach an Affluent Audience
  • 35% household income over $75,000
  • 70% professionals
  • 88% own their home
  • 87% college graduates or higher
    Reach a Well-Traveled Audience
  • 63% took more than two vacations per year
  • 49% traveled outside the U.S. last year
  • 9% own a vacation home
    Reach a Dedicated Audience
  • 89% read each issue of American Archaeology
  • 94% find American Archaeology informative
American Archaeology is the only popular magazine that exclusively covers the fascinating subject of archaeology in North America. It is informative and interesting, comprehensive and comprehendible. It is a resource for the veteran archaeologist and the weekend explorer. Echo Media can help you reach affluent travelers through American Archeology magazine or a host of similarly targeted publications. Echo Media also works with other membership group publications throughout the U.S. and across many demographics.
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