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Green Parenting 01/04/2010
Kiwi magazine is a growing ‘natural’ parenting magazine. It coaches parents and their young ones on the latest in everyday organics and the healthiest options available. Kiwi does not preach, it merely seeks to guide those who are curious and help families slowly progress to natural and more environmental choices one step at a time. Kiwi magazine can be found on American Airlines, in sampling bags, in email blasts, online, and of course, mailed to your home. Kiwi is part of the Mind, Body, and Soul niche, as well as the parenting niche, at Echo Media. As a national placement agency, Echo Media is able to offer advertisers the opportunity to test magazines at entry-level pricing. Below are a few more options from the mentioned niche categories. Natural Awakenings Organic Gardening New Parent Parents Healthy Kids Sampler
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