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What are the Milestones Magazines? 02/23/2011

The Milestones is a series of collectible editorial magazines that take an in-depth look into the particular collector cars or an aspect of the enthusiast car hobby. In 2010, they published six AutoTrader Classics Milestones: Camaro, Mustang, Mopar/Challenger, Muscle Car, Corvette and Season Preview. The magazines are printed on 100% gloss paper. Cover price is $4.99 with a typical issue containing 120 pages with 80% editorial and over 20 compelling articles. It is open to relevant advertorial content.

What are the Racing Milestones Magazines?

The Racing Milestones are bi-annual collectible magazines full of subject matter for NASCAR fans. They serve as a resource throughout the season and the race for The Cup. The magazines contain driver profiles and rankings, track profiles, regular season and post season reviews and previews, articles on NASCAR history, up to 20 articles on drivers, teams, the season and the sport in general. They consist of 150+ pages on 100% gloss paper and have cover price of $6.99.

These “Milestone” magazines along with other racing enthusiast publications are a part of the many niche market profiles available through Echo Media. 

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