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Hispanics are Everywhere, According to Vanidades and the U.S. Census 06/10/2011

It is well known that Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing “minority” group in the United States. They have arrived and are here to stay and prosper, but where in the U.S. can you find the most Hispanics? According to the Pew Hispanic Center, in the year 2000, 50% of Hispanics lived in the states of California and Texas. Other well-known states with prominent Latino communities have been Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico and New York, but recent market research shows that the Hispanic population is also growing fast in other states of the Country. Some examples are Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. Additionally, the Hispanic population more than doubled in Maryland and South Dakota.

The 2010, Census counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United States, making up 16.3% of the total population. Hispanics are making history and changing the face of America. Are you efficiently targeting the growing Hispanic market? The report, “Hispanics Account for More Than Half of Nation’s Growth in the Past Decade,” authored by Jeffery Passel, Senior Demographer, Pew Hispanic Center, D’Vera Cohn, Senior Writer, Pew Research Center, and Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center, is available at the Pew Hispanic Center’s website,

If you are interested in reaching the growing Hispanic population across the U.S., try doing it effectively in the pages of Vanidades, TV Y Novelas or Cosmopolitan en Espanol magazines.

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