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Hoy - Expanding its Reach to “The Windy City” 12/08/2003
Hoy, the nation’s second-largest and fastest growing Spanish-language paper had a 20% daily circulation increase to 93,902 and a Sunday circulation increase of 15% to 34,484. It remained the dominant Spanish-language paper in the New York metropolitan area, and recently introduced a daily edition in Chicago. Hoy replaced !Exito!, which was published weekly by the Chicago Tribune for ten years. Hoy is a forty-page publication, available Monday through Friday throughout the Chicago area for only twenty-five cents. It is distributed via newsstands, vending boxes and retail outlets. Advertisers can place ROP ads, as well as blow-in inserts. Hoy is an informative channel for the diverse 1.6 million Hispanics living in “The Windy City.” This paper provides impartial and credible journalism with a commitment to local news, as well as featuring news from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central and South America and the Caribbean.
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