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Reach Nearly 4.4 Million Hispanic Households with News America’s Hispanic FSI 04/14/2004
News America's SmartSource Magazine is one of the nation's most widely circulated publications. Placed weekly into more than 68 million circulation in over a thousand Sunday paid newspapers throughout the United States, this full-color, glossy, free-standing insert (“FSI”) is a major distributor of retail packaged goods coupons, as well as direct response and retail advertisements. With this program, household penetration on a nationwide basis is almost 60%. Studies show that most consumers prefer to clip coupons on the weekend, which contributes favorably to the response of mail order products; and as a result, direct response advertisers can deliver strong messages to an audience that is ready to buy. News America has recently introduced a new co-operative FSI program targeting nearly 4.4 million Hispanic households four times per year. The News America Hispanic FSI is inserted into Latino newspapers in the top Hispanic DMAs. Half page, full page and insert blow-in opportunities are available. Advertisers can buy regionally by a grouping of markets.
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