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Trying to Reach Seniors in Major Markets? Try Newspaper ROP. 04/26/2004
Using newspapers to target an older audience is quite simple for advertisers. Based on research conducted by Mediamark Research Inc. for the Newspaper Association of America, advertisers can select the sections or pages of the newspaper most likely to be read by those in the 65+ age demographic. Within this age segment, two defined newspaper sections rank very high for readership: Main News and the Editorial Page. 76% of those over age 65 that read the paper read the Main News section. This is 35% higher than the 18-24 age group. For the Editorial Page, those over age 65 out-read all other age segments at 61%. This is more than 3.5 times the percentage of readership of the 18-24 age group (17%) and almost double that of the 35-44 age group (34%). Advertisers using ROP to target a senior population should look to isolate either Main News or the Editorial Page of the newspaper to maximize exposure and target this audience within this media channel. (Source: Mediamark Research Inc., Spring 2003.)
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