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Don’t Count the Baby Boomers out of the Technology Revolution 04/04/2004
As the technology market enters a new stage in its life, marketers must now look to mature Americans for growth just as much as they focus on younger people. An AARP study recently found that the greatest growth in PC ownership and use in the past few years has been among Americans ages 56 and older, and first-wave baby boomers, ages 45-55, have been up to speed with technology all along. Seventy-seven percent of Americans ages 50 and older agree that the biggest plus of e-commerce is being able to shop any time. However, the biggest concern among older Americans is regarding safety and privacy issues. On-line service providers and e-commerce businesses can learn a great deal from this information; and those wishing to attract mature consumers should heed several guidelines: make your site easy to find and use, make potential shoppers feel secure and don’t count on ads to drive mature traffic to you.
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