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Finance is a Stable Area of Interest for Seniors 04/04/2004
A recent AARP study found that in boom or bust, mature audiences are more likely than younger audiences to have money in a range of investments…and in turn, are more likely to keep tabs on those investments. Older Americans tend to be more confident in their financial expertise; however, they are also more likely to seek professional advice on their investments, as well as hold a positive view of financial institutions. Over the long term, with people working longer and retiring later, it seems likely that the trend will be for mature Americans to remain active investors longer. Also, as retirement itself is redefined, mature Americans may gravitate even more toward creative investments. All of which suggests that seniors, especially the growing number of baby boomers entering into this category, are a ready, willing, stable audience for advertisers. More specifically, seniors and mature adults are perfect target audiences for advertisers in the finance industry.
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