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The Seven Sisters—Who are they, and what continues to make them a good buy? 05/19/2004
Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, Redbook and Woman’s Day, are women’s service magazines that until a couple of years ago were known as the Seven Sisters. These magazines had long been a power-house of women’s magazines, and at one time offered advertisers the opportunity to reach a combined circulation of 45 million American women. Today the Seven Sisters, while different, are still a powerful force in the magazine and advertising industry—with the most noticeable difference being that McCall’s is no longer published. The remaining “Six Sisters” make up the largest women’s consumer magazines in the country, providing women with a wide range of editorial content on home; family; children; health; decorating; food; beauty; fashion; hot topics and more. With a combined circulation of 27.35 million, advertisers can capitalize on the opportunity to reach a targeted female audience.
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