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Golfers—Who are they and what do they mean to you? 06/11/2004
According to a recent RoperASW study, golfers should no longer be seen as a homogenous mass when it comes to marketing. The focus of the study was to segment male golfers into distinct “clusters” built upon levels of engagement based on attitudes, golf habits, demographics and general lifestyle. This type of study benefits advertisers by providing a means by which marketers can better tap into the golfer’s mindset and create relevant means for brand differentiation within different categories of golfers. The categories that this study identifies include: Guys Day Out • The youngest segment of golfers • Highly motivated to play • Active athletes • Somewhat cautious with spending • Take the most golf-related vacations • Average age = 42 • Average household income = $93,800 Executive Course • Affluent and successful business golfers • Knowledgeable about the game • Big spenders, especially on golf • Average age = 47 years • Average household income = $188,000 Life’s Rewarded • Very immersed in the game • Golf veterans • Currently reaping the benefits of a successful career by enjoying a leisurely lifestyle • Average age = 64 years • Average household income = $104,000 • Most members of this category are retired Playing Through • Men that are not yet totally sold on golf • Typically entrepreneurial in spirit • Frequent business travelers • Upscale consumers who are not afraid to buy the “latest thing” • Average age = 48 years • Average household income = $112,100. Family Men • Weekend warriors of the golf world • Minimal knowledge of the game • Other priorities consume their time • Financially obligated in other areas • Average age = 45 years • Average household income = $99,700 • Men in this group are the most likely to live in the Midwest or West So, what does all this mean to advertisers? The following are some pointers that advertisers can take from this study in order to reach the different segments of the “golf” market. Guys Day Out • These men have a passion for the game as a vehicle for camaraderie. • Golf Vacations present a particular allure to this group. • Marketers should stress value, not just price. Executive Course • Marketers should leverage the link between the game and business success. • Luxury positioning resonates here—these men look for the best. • Time is at a premium for this group, so advertisers should reinforce any simplifications that the product may provide. Life’s Rewarded • For these men, golf is at the center of an active community and lifestyle of leisure. • The substantial income and assets of this group translate into higher spending for prestigious brands. • This is the only category with both time and money on their hands. Playing Through • This group is entrepreneurial and tech savvy. • They live for today…they’re spenders, not necessarily savers. • Products and services must give them instant gratification, or it will lose their attention. Family Men • These men are living for the weekend. • Marketers should stress saving them money and saving them time. • Marketers should further amplify golf’s benefits as a family activity, or even as a release from an over programmed life.
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