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Advertising to African-Americans through Newspapers is Ideal for Companies Targeting this Market Segment 08/02/2004
African-American newspaper readers are uniquely segmented in their decision of which type of newspaper they should read: the mainstream paper or the local African-American newspaper. A recent study conducted by Scarborough Research for the Newspaper Association of America indicated that more than 50% of African-Americans read a mainstream daily newspaper in 2003. However, while a high percentage of African-Americans regularly read the mainstream newspaper, there is a segment of this population that strongly prefers the local African-American papers. For example, four out of five African-Americans who regularly read an African-American newspaper do not read the mainstream newspaper, as there seems to be a perception among these readers that the mainstream newspaper does not fully cover certain issues. Therefore, in order to reach a larger segment of the African-American audience, advertisers should schedule a good mix of newspaper advertising in both mainstream and African-American newspapers.
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