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The Alternative Lifestyle Community is a Highly Sought after Market 08/23/2004
The alternative lifestyle market targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals has become one of the new sought after niche markets. The average buying power of the homosexual and transgender community is roughly $485 billion per year, according to market research firm Witeck-Combs in conjunction with Harris Interactive. Another result from the firms’ findings is that about 15 million American adults identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Currently, the median combined household income of gay couples is $65,000, nearly 60% higher than the 1999 median income of $40,800, according to a study by Jeffrey Garber at OpusComm Group in conjunction with Syracuse University and GSociety, Inc. There is a lot of purchasing power when it comes to the alternative lifestyle market, and many large advertisers are supporting the interest. There are many opportunities for advertisers to place messages in various publications, magazines and direct mail. This niche market is expected to continue to grow steadily for years to come.
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