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Magazines Proliferate and Grow even more Niche-focused 12/07/2004
According to the findings of the Oxbridge Communications’ 17th annual edition of the National Directory of Magazines, the magazine industry, like the electronic media it competes with, is becoming more niche-focused. The category of lifestyle magazines grew from 206 titles in 2003 to 264 titles in 2004. Interestingly, crafting magazines and golf magazines led the pack with a growth of 25% for crafting magazines from 2003 to 2004, and 24% for golf magazines. According to Editorial Director Deborah Striplin, "Magazines are becoming more focused; growth is coming from both new publishers entering the category and existing publishers adding new lifestyle titles." This trend also appears to be impacting the world of news and politics in magazines. The categories of "political science and politics" showed an increase of 23%, yet "news" magazine titles declined 24% and "History" titles decreased 23%. This new trend is important to advertisers since niche-targeted magazines provide advertisers with the opportunity to target their ads to a more highly qualified and segmented audience.
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