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Reach New and Expectant Mothers Through American Baby 09/19/2013

Pregnancy is a very special time for a woman. She feels differently, acts differently and looks at the world around her with a completely new perspective. Women in this stage of life are very eager to learn about products and services that may assist them through this exciting time. A great way to reach these women is via the American Baby sample packs. These vehicles offer advertisers a chance to reach a woman when she is most susceptible to developing brand loyalties and strong opinions about what is good for her, and for her baby. The Expectant Mother pack is given to women in their third trimester by their obstetricians. The New Mother pack is distributed to mothers while they are still in the hospital with their newborn. There is also a Hispanic version of the New Mother pack called Para Nuevas Mamas. Being distributed to new mothers in a medical environment adds value because women trust their doctors and health professionals to help them make the best decisions for their unborn child. In addition to pre-printed inserts and product samples, all of these packs include a magazine, which contains information on topics ranging from pregnancy, and what to expect from childbirth, to the first year of a baby’s life.

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