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Why Advertise to Boston’s Hispanic Market? 11/22/2005
· The Boston Hispanic market is the 6th fastest growing market in the U.S. · Latinos are numbered at approximately 500,000, making it the largest ethnic group in Massachusetts. · Since 1990, Boston’s Hispanic population exploded by 37.3% while the general population jumped only 2.6%. · The annual buying power of Hispanics in Massachusetts is an impressive $4.4 billion. · 24.2% of Hispanic households in Massachusetts earn more than $50,000, with the mean household income at $42,000. · Out of 21,500 Hispanic businesses in New England, 12,700 are located in Massachusetts, and the majority is based in Greater Boston. Echo Media works with a number of Massachusetts Hispanic newspapers, as well as a variety of national-level Spanish-language publications that cover the Massachusetts market. Source – U.S. Census Bureau, Maurico Gaston Institute.
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