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San Antonio and the Hispanic Marketplace 12/28/2005
San Antonio is the 7th largest Hispanic ADI in the U.S. and has the highest percentage of Hispanics vs. non-Hispanics among the top seven U.S. Hispanic Markets. It has a higher percentage of Hispanics than the entire state of Texas. Also, San Antonio has a greater percentage of Hispanics than Dallas or Houston, but a smaller percentage than the border cities of McAllen, Brownsville and El Paso. In San Antonio, the Hispanic population, with a median age of 27, is younger than that of the non-Hispanic population. The mean average annual income of Hispanic Households in San Antonio is $28,872. This translates into a Hispanic buying power of $3.6 billion in the San Antonio Metro Area annually. Echo Media can deliver the San Antonio market, as well as Hispanic print media on a national scope, including co-op advertising vehicles and newspapers. Source – Strategy Resource Corp.
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