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Gardening How-To is Celebrating its 10-Year Anniversary 03/28/2006
Gardening How-To, the official publication of the National Home Gardening Club, is read by avid gardeners who garden year-round, and usually three days per week. They spend an average of two hours reading each issue, and 64% save issues for future reference. 25% of the subscribers have written a check for almost $300 to receive the magazine for life. By covering both hands-on gardening and outdoor living and design, Gardening How-To successfully presents the true gardening experience…beautiful outdoor spaces. As members of the National Home Gardening Club, readers of this magazine have many benefits, including monthly e-newsletters containing tips, ideas, product testing and opportunities to win a garden giveaway. Advertisers have an opportunity to participate in many of these programs – allowing them to expand their relationship with the magazine’s readers.
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