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Reach the Fastest-Growing Segment of Central Texas – The Austin Hispanic Market 06/14/2006
The Austin media market has the 19th largest Hispanic population in the U.S. Over 471,000 local residents are of Hispanic descent. The number of Hispanics in the metro area has grown 91% since the 1990 Census. Additionally, compared to other major Texas markets, the Austin area’s Hispanic population has the highest percentage of college graduates. Hispanics are Central Texas’ fastest-growing ethnicity and will make up 44% of the local population by 2040. Projections indicate that the local Hispanic population will grow 26% over the next five years alone. Hispanic Magazine’s July/August 2004 issue cited Austin as the best place in the U.S. for Hispanics to live and work. Central Texas Hispanic Population: · Median age is 26.2. Over half of all adults are ages 18-34. · 60% of adults are employed full-time. Average household income is $38,500. · 79% can read or speak Spanish. · 76% say that Mexico is their original country of origin. · 51% are female, 49% are male. · 56% have children at home. · Central Texas Hispanics… --Shop at local department stores --Go to downtown Austin music venues --Are recent home buyers --Go online to shop for cars, music and entertainment --Subscribe to cell phone services --Are less likely to watch prime-time television Sources: Texas State Data Center At Texas A&M, Scarborough Research, Claritas, 2003 Gallup Poll of Media Usage and Consumer Behavior, Austin MSA, Synovate’s Hispanic Market Report.
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