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Stuff Magazine Partners with the Summer’s Hottest Movie, Talladega Nights, Legend of Ricky Bobby, Starring Will Ferrell 06/20/2006
Stuff Magazine has the exclusive in the men's category for this summer's hottest movie, Talladega Nights, Legend of Ricky Bobby, starring Will Ferrell and Leslie Bibb. Talladega Nights promises to be the Wedding Crashers of Summer 2006. Breaking the mold of the young men's category for the August Issue, Stuff is featuring a gatefold cover with Leslie Bibb and Will Ferrell. Inside they have interviewed and photographed each of them in full character. It is a hysterical interview, and one that any fan of this movie will rush out to buy. Whether advertising in the August issue of Stuff or planning for the future, marketers shouldn’t underestimate the power of the Stuff Magazine brand for reaching the young male demographic.
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