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What is Nuestra Guia? 07/11/2006
As the first Spanish-only Yellow Pages, and also featuring a full-color magazine and resource guide, Nuestra Guia is an effective tool to connect advertisers with their potential customers. Nuestra Guia is a three-part media concept. First, it is the Yellow Pages in Spanish. Second, it carries Guia Practica Plus, a full-color, magazine-style section offering information and “how to/what to do” advice on housing, employment, child care, education, finance, healthcare and insurance, safety, government services and legal assistance. Finally, it contains Ene Plus, a lifestyle magazine on Hispanic art, politics, restaurants and personalities, reflecting the verve and vibrancy of the entire Hispanic community. Nuestra Guia serves Westchester, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. For more information on Nuestra Guia, or Spanish-language Yellow Pages directories in other markets in the U.S., visit us at and view the alternative media section.
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