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Dinero Facts 07/31/2006
* Dinero Inc Magazine has a reception area life of 30 days * Readership: 171,000 * Pass-Along Rate: 5.7 readers per copy * An entrepreneurial magazine specifically targeting an affluent community of business owners and business professionals. * Your message goes directly to their homes and businesses, and into their computers through e-newsletters. * The visual appeal and first-rate quality of the magazine allow you to project a professional and credible image. * An extensive distribution system has been developed that blankets the magazine’s distribution area for their targeted audience of Affluentinos and Influentinos. * 24,000 copies are sent to subscribers and a list of prosperous business owners and professionals throughout the Midwest. * Monthly magazine Dinero Inc Magazine creates a tremendous opportunity in the marketplace to reach affluent professional couples and individuals who have few children and own homes in upscale, city neighborhoods and those who have businesses in Latino-populated neighborhoods.
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