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CBS Outdoor Reaches Latinos in their Neighborhoods 01/03/2007
There is a way to reach Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics with Spanish-language and culturally-relevant messages. CBS Outdoor Latino puts your brand or service in Hispanic neighborhoods, reinforcing your campaign’s message every day of your selling cycle. On billboards, buses and rail, CBS Outdoor Latino provides extensive coverage of the top U.S. Hispanic markets. Impact densely populated Hispanic communities by placing your message directly in front of your consumer, effectively reaching Latinos where they live, work, shop and play. Dominate the streets with larger-than-life signage at key locations in specific ZIP codes – and in close proximity to the point-of-purchase: the major retailers. Outdoor can provide both an external point-of-purchase, as well as an unavoidable presence for your brand in the marketplace. Grocery stores * Consumer electronics * Bodegas and Carnicerias * Other Retailers. OUTDOOR Advertising Impacts Hispanic Buying Decisions According to The Roslow Study, advertising in Spanish is 61% MORE effective in reaching Latinos and increasing awareness among Hispanics than ads in English. - 76% of Hispanics indicate that they would definitely or probably be influenced by outdoor advertising. - The comparable figure for non-Hispanics is 41%. (Source: OAAA)
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