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Do you Know the Hispanic Market of New York? 01/24/2007
New York Hispanic BUYING POWER was $52.6 billion in 2000 and will nearly DOUBLE by 2010 to $98.8 billion. Source: Hispanic Consumer Market in 1999 and Forecast to 2020: by Standard & Poor’s DRI The Spanish Market of the Bronx & Westchester, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan · The Hispanic population is growing 5 times faster than any other consumer group · New York is the 2nd largest Hispanic market in the U.S. · 1 out of every 4 New Yorkers is Hispanic or of Hispanic descent · The majority of Hispanics are bilingual, but prefer speaking Spanish at home · Hispanics respond more effectively to advertising in Spanish · New York Hispanic purchasing power will continue to grow at a faster rate than non-Hispanic purchasing power · The New York Hispanic market represents more than $52 billion in purchasing power · Half of all Hispanic households earn over $50,000 Echo Media works with a large number of localized Hispanic publications in the New York metro area. To view our full list of these programs, go to, and select the NY DMA from the national map.
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