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Harte Hanks Pennysaver offers 1.2 million circulation weekly reaching Hispanics 02/14/2007
Advertisers can reach California Hispanics with Harte Hanks Pennysaver. This weekly publication allows advertisers to carve out Hispanic households within their distribution. These Hispanic zones, comprised of 60% Hispanic density or higher, make up approximately 1.2 million of the Pennysaver's 10 million circulation weekly. Additionally, there are about 130,000 homes that receive the Pennysaver with a specially branded masthead: El Pennysaver. Harte Hanks Pennysaver is a weekly advertising shopper that is saturation-mailed to homes and apartments throughout California. Direct response opportunities include DAL's, pre-printed inserts, and on-page placement, and clients have the opportunity to run on a remnant basis in order to get circulation at the lowest possible rates.
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