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A Demographic Profile of the African-American Market 04/27/2007
These statistics can serve as a quick reference guide when targeting the African-American population: · 55% of the U.S. African-American population lives in the South · 52% live in a metropolitan area · Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia each have an African-American population of at least 1 million · There are 36.4 million African-American U.S. residents · African-Americans make up 12.9 percent of the U.S. population · The median age for the U.S. African-American population is 29.5 years · There are 3.9 million African-American married couples in the United States · Among the population of U.S. African-American families, 2 million are married couples with children under age 18 · There are 11.8 million African-American children in the U.S. · 41% of African-American children live in a home maintained by their mother; 34% live in a two parent household; and 13% reside with a grandparent · There are 823,500 African-American owned businesses that generate $71.2 billion in revenue in the United States · African-American owned businesses make up 4% of the nation’s 20.8 million non-farm businesses and 27% of its 3 million minority-owned businesses · 38% of the nation’s African-American owned businesses are owned by women - a higher percentage than any other minority ethnic group · 2.6 million African-Americans are military veterans · 5.7 million or 46% of African-Americans own their own homes – this statistic represents a 1.4 million increase in African-American homeownership from the 1990 Census *Data from US Census Bureau
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